New School Fee Payment Procedure for Students (Part Time & Conversion Students)

New School Fee Payment Procedure for Students (Part Time & Conversion Students)

  1. Payment of School Fees with effect from 2017/2018 Academic Session is to be made on e-Tranzact Platform into Wesley University Account.
  2. Students with outstanding school fees from previous session(s) should settle that first before payment of the new session as stated in the table below.

However, students owing for the previous session(s) must first pay at least 60% of the outstanding before they can have access to pay for 2017/2018 session. It is after this that student can register on-line for courses and be admitted to classes.

The procedures for the school fee payment using the e-Tranzact platform are as stated below:

  1. Student (either fresh or returning student) must have collected Password from his/her Departmental Course Officer/Result Officer and update his/her profile on the University Portal.
  2. Student must first log into their profile on the portal and click on ‘Invoice’ to generate a Payee ID number for the intending payment.
  3. Print or write out your Payee ID number.
  4. Visit any Bank on e-Tranzact Platform and fill a Teller for the amount that corresponds with your Payee ID plus an additional fee of N300.00 (transaction fee).
  5. After successful payment on the e-Tranzact platform, the Bank will immediately give you a print-out that contains your Payment Confirmation Number.
  6. Go online and log into your profile on the portal.
  7. Click on ‘invoice’ and enter the Payment Confirmation Number to confirm your payment.


Fresher (N)

Stale (N)

School Fees 100,000 100,000
Acceptance Fee 25,000
Development Levy 25,000 25,000
  150,000 125,000
1st Installment (1st Semester) 100,000 75,000
2nd installment (2nd Semester) 50,000 50,000
Conversion – HMT Fresher (N) Stale (N)
School Fees 200,000 200,000
Acceptance Fee 20,000
Hostel & Accommodation 25,000 25,000
  245,000 225,000
1st Installment (1st Semester) 135,000 135,000
2nd installment (2nd Semester) 110,000 90,000
Conversion – CAFST Fresher (N) Stale (N)
School Fees 125,000 125,000
Acceptance Fee 20,000
Development Levy 25,000 25,000
  170,000 150,000
1st Installment (1st Semester) 110,000 110,000
2nd installment (2nd Semester) 60,000 40,000



  • No student should pay school fees through the usual bank deposit henceforth.
  • Students who do not pay Semester Part Payment or Full Session Fee will not be allowed to stay on campus.
  • Students who violate this instruction will be penalized.

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