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As part of his familiarization activities, the new VC held an interactive session with Students of Wesley University on Monday 23rd July, 2018.

It was an incisive session and where students expressed their concerns on the services provided by the University including hostels, cafeteria, academics, and social life.

The Vice-Chancellor commended the frankness of the students on expressing their concerns and observed that while some of the issues raised were Management based, an appreciable number were student based. He reiterated his call during his inaugural address that everyone, management, staff and students, has to work together to tackle  the challenges, uphold and improve on what is commendable in order  to build the University of our dreams. In his words, we will run faster!

He assured the students that the issues raised would form part of his road map of activities in his administration. The Vice-Chancellor further urged the students to represent the three factors affecting their studies as a pentagon where each side represents each concern raised. The students based factors becomes the pillar that holds every other in place and when the student is wrong, nothing else his or her studies could be right.

In all, the students were encouraged to be focused on the main purpose of their being on campus and fulfill their obligations in terms of prompt payment of fees, attendance to lectures, using the Library effectively, and obedience to the rules and regulations on studentship. The Vice-Chancellor assured them that his administration would be open to suggestions on way forward and encouraged them to articulate their news and forward through appropriate quarters.


In his vote of thanks, Shotiminu Ayomide, appreciated the Vice-Chancellor, other principal officers and staff present for their time and the opportunity granted  them as students to express themselves. The closing prayer was said by the Bursar.