Recent developments in digital technologies have pervasive and innovation implication for growth in all facets of human endeavor especially the academic world. Leveraging on these cutting edge technologies therefore becomes a universal necessity.  It is upon this premise that Wesley University, Ondo along with Adeyemi College of Education, Ondo and University of Medical Sciences, Ondo has collaborated with Southern University, USA  and ICT University, USA to hold a 3-day Conference/Workshop on;

  1. Entrepreneurship & Technopreneurship,
  2. E-schooling (E-Learning, E-library and CBT)
  3. Research Grant writing.

We hereby invite you to submit abstracts, full papers, proposals, designs, technical reports, or book chapters of your original research on the Conference Theme or Subthemes, “Strengthening Education through Innovation, E-Schooling, Grantsmanship and Entrepreneurship for Sustainable Development in Africa”. The workshop sessions of this event will pull together facilitators from Nigeria and other Countries. See attached flyers for more details.


The Conference Subthemes are as follows:

  • Quality Control in Computer-based Testing/Examination
  • Institutional Repositories/e-Libraries for Innovative Research & Development
  • Cloud Computing, Contingency Planning and Disaster Recovery for Institutions
  • Plagiarism, Intellectual Property Protection and Copyright Ownership
  • Grants research, Ethics, Writing Tools and Techniques
  • Entrepreneurship for Sustainable Development (Agropreneurship, Technopreneurship, Medipreneurship, etc).

All submissions should reach the Secretary, LOC on/before 31th March, 2018 through

Thank you.


Registrations are currently ongoing and you can register through this Workshop Registration Form

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