College Of Medical Sciences


  • B.Sc Community Health Sciences
  • B. MLS Medical Laboratory Sciences
  • B. NSC Nursing


General Administration of the Department/Programmes
The Head of Department directs and coordinates the academic and administrative activities of the Department and he/she is responsible to the Provost of the College. The Department disseminates information emanating from Senate, University and College Board meetings at Departmental meetings chaired by the Head of Department. Regular Departmental meetings are held to ensure that every staff member is part of the decision making process. At such meetings, decisions are taken and duties/responsibilities are shared among the members to ensure that the goals of the programmes and that of the Department are realized.
Students’ Welfare
The welfare of students is of importance to the Department. Apart from the University Counseling Unit that handles cases requiring student counseling, the Department operates Staff/Students interactive forum where students are properly guided on all aspects of their academic development. Every student is also allocated a staff adviser, who handles all aspects of students’ academic development. Students with complex cases bothering on emotional and physical problems are referred to the Student Affairs Unit of the University for Appropriate counseling while those that have health problems are handled by the University Health Centre. Indigent and brilliant students are also recommended to the appropriate University Committee for consideration for University scholarships.
Handling of Academic Grievances
The Department has in place a robust system of handling academic grievances of students. These students are required to contact the Head of Department and after initial counseling are advised to write officially through the Head of Department to appropriate units of the University. Apart from endorsing such letters, the HOD also monitors such students’ requests to ensure appropriate responses from units concerned.
Student Academic Advising
At the beginning of every session, all students in the Department are attached to academic staff of the Department as Staff Advisers. The Staff Advisers are required to counsel the students on all aspect of their academic work including courses to be registered for, registration for carry over courses and attendance at lectures.

College of Medical Sciences Handbook