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Food Scarcity: Ex-Agriculture Commissioner calls for increased focus on agriculture in Nigeria universities

Speaking at the congregation lecture of Wesley University Ondo, the ex-commissioner encouraged the fostering of tertiary agricultural education as only improved agriculture can solve the food crisis and unemployment in the country.

According to him, cassava is a valuable cash crop that contributes positively to poverty alleviation by generating massive income for both individuals and the country if ventured into in comparison with other staples.


In his remarks, Director of Strategy and Programme Management of the University of Medical Sciences, Ondo. Prof. Adeduro Adegeye noted that some of his school agriculture activities are contributing in providing tomatoes and other crops farming to the Ile-Oluji Community and its environs.


He further said,” We need not be poor in this country because god has blessed the nation with fertile land and wonderful weather”.

He added that agriculture-focused initiatives will contribute to overall economic stability in the country.

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