The Vice Chancellor Prof. Sunday Ndubueze Ukachukwu in an interview disclosed to Channels Television Sunrise Daily Programme what the Management of the institution is thinking about safe reopening of schools. One of the measures put in place is the development of Learning Management System [LMS]. The LMS is created for the purpose of online teaching and learning while the lockdown lasts.

In line with the above, the Management has concluded the training of her lecturers and some non-Academic staff in this regard. The training took place from Monday August 10 –Thursday August 13, 2020. Some of the lecturers participated in the training virtually, while others participated physically in line with COVID 19 protocol.

In an interview with the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Sunday Ndubueze Ukachukwu, told the Public Relations crew that the purpose of the training is to equip the resource persons to handle the online teaching.

“The purpose is to equip our resource persons who are the lecturers and some non-academic staff that have one thing or the other to do with exams and results, so that they will be fully equipped to handle the online teaching for our students.

He also advised the students to take the online teaching serious because, it is to their own advantage.

“It is to their own advantage that we have trained them, and if they don’t use the skill we have bequeathed in them, they may forget it and it may not be useful to them. So they have to be serious about what they have learnt, deplore it in the online learning and become proficient in use of LMS in online teaching.

Still speaking, the don said that there is nothing in this world without its challenges. “There is nothing in this world that does not have challenge. There must be challenge, but there must be surmountable challenges, so if they encounter one, that is why we have the technical people, they are there to solve it. And while lectures are going on, they are still around lending hands here and there.”

He also told the PR Unit that content upload has commenced, while online teaching will start as soon as content upload is completed.

According to Mr. John Efiong, a lecturer in the Department of Computer Science and Lead trainer of the Wesley University Learning Management System said that the aim of the Management and that of the ICT Unit has been achieved.

“Yes! Greatly achieved. We couldn’t ask for more. The lecturers and Administrative staff, who joined the workshop demonstrated high commitment and showed they understood the high components of the LMS as demonstrated by the trainers. The trainers too did a good job. They were down to earth with their explanations and answered all the questions raised. We, however encourage continuous application of the knowledge gained and skills acquired, otherwise, participants will certainly forget them. We are glad we succeeded through the cooperation of all team members and motivation by the University Management.

Mr. Efiong also told the PR Crew that he did face challenges, ranging from internet connectivity problem to managing participants online and onsite.

“Yes, I did face some challenges ranging from internet connectivity to managing the participants online and onsite. Somehow, we were able to surmount them as the weeklong training progressed.”

According to the Director of Academic Planning, Prof. Ephraim Oluchukwu, the LMS training will yield effective and expected result.

“Yes, definitely because, with what we have actually seen, it will be far much better than the face to face arrangement. In this particular arrangement, the lecturers will play around so many things that will appeal to the students who are outside. And so to my opinion, I think it will be very effective if not better than the face to face arrangement.

Prof. Oluchukwu also advised the staff and students to take the online teaching serious. “Every one of us must take it serious both staff and students. On the part of the staff, I know they are prepared to really do their best. I will also appeal to the students to make sure that whenever it is there time to click in, in the online arrangement, they should not hesitate. I also want to use this opportunity to tell parents to always watch their wards because, some of them may play prank to tell you they are online when they are doing something different. Parents will have a lot to do in assisting us to supervise their wards so that the whole arrangement will be more effective.”

When interviewed, Mr. Julius Adeleke, a lecturer in Mass Communication Department, an online participant in the training, has this to say:

“I view the LMS training as playing along the reality of the new normal as occasioned by many variables, especially the covid 19 pandemic. Again, Wesley University is also making a positive statement in terms of Manpower Development and Electronic Learning for both the admitted and prospective students.

Mr. Adeleke also told the PR Unit that the most likely challenge to be faced is what is called digital- divide. “One cannot totally rule out the intrusion of network challenges in electronic learning. But that is not for me a major concern. The challenge I anticipate is what we call digital-divide. This concept posed the reality of different levels of student’s readiness to embrace the approach due to issues like finance, access to electricity and even ability to own a suitable device.

He also added that the new development will yield results especially when other critical variables are put in place.

“It will yield result especially when other critical variables like student’s drive, workers welfare and reasonable investments are done along it.”

When interviewed, Dr. Lukman Abiodun Oyebode, a lecturer in the college of Agriculture and Dean of Students Affairs, one of the lecturers physically present at the training, said that the training is a wonderful idea in the sense that the world is becoming global. He also added that it will yield result in terms of students enrolment and also, the deaf students will not loose out.

“The world is becoming global, and if you will be one of the universities that will rank highest, one of the things that will be pivotal is your facilities. So, it cannot be at better time than now, so we are getting there. It is just for everybody to come on board and key to the numerous benefits that the LMS will provide.

“Things that are being done physically before now are phasing out.  At the tip of your fingers, your phone can get things done. So for staff and students the training has helped us to see deeper than we used to, and it will make learning more convenient and most effective.

“The deaf students will be part of the beneficiaries. There is no where IT is not effective. So for them, they will also be captured, if peradventure is not robust now, but as we go on, things that they hitherto use will get to them. They are just deaf, but they can use their hands and sight, so it also captured in that direction for them to use and they will use it effectively.” He stated.

According to Dr. Janet Oluwatoyin Alaba, the Coordinator of Food Science and Technology, another lecturer physically present at the training, said that the training is a good initiative because; it will boost the teaching of lecturers.

“It is a good initiative because it will boost the teaching of lecturers, and it will also help lecturers to give what is relevant to students and make the class interactive, unlike giving voluminous note to students to read. LMS will give us room to interact with students and impact them on each of the courses.

Dr. Alaba also added that the training will yield effective result and may also have its challenges. “As we are trusting God and due to the situation in the country, if everything is put in place, lecturers are going to deliver accurately and also improve our teaching aims.

“It has to do with the power supply because sometimes you discover that there may not be light, and sometimes the network could be bad, especially when it rains, the weather will have a lot of contribution to this. So we are trusting God for favourable condition in the period we are to lecture the students and since we are coming to the end of rainy season, I think we will have a better whether to overcome and deliver a good lecture.” She stated.

Another participant, Mrs. Ibijoke Yankey, a College Officer in the College of Arts, in her own view, said that the LMS training is a welcomed idea because; it is an eye opener to everybody that is involved.

“It is a welcomed idea because it is an eye opener to everybody that is involved. It will encourage hard work on the side of lecturers and students and it will project the University as well to the world.

Mrs. Yankey also added that the training will help in terms of student’s enrolment, though with little or no challenges.

“There has been wrong things going on in the administration of the documentation of students because; students at times don’t take registration so serious. So with LMS, it will help the students to do things aright.

“Power supply is going to be a challenge to this new development. Another challenge will be that of the internet, where services are not regular.” She stated.

The Public Relations Unit also gathered that about 85% of lecturers were in attendance and below are the courses taught during the training and the facilitators.

Monday 10-08-2020

  • Introduction to Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs) and Remote Teaching

               Facilitator: Mfon-Abasi Idio

  • Overview of WesleyUni- Learning Management System( LMS)

               Facilitator: Opeyemi Sunday

Tuesday 11-08-2020

  • LMS Course Contents and Instructional Design and Development

              Facilitator: Lekan Olomola

  • WesleyUni –LMS Navigation and Mastery

               Facilitator: Abiola Olaibi

Wednesday 12-08-2020

  • WesleyUni – LMS Course Management

               Facilitator: Abiola Olaibi

  • WesleyUni – LMS Students’ Management

               Facilitator: Nzechukwu Otuneme

Thursday 13-08-2020

  • Experimental/Course Contents

              Facilitator: All

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