About Wesley University, Ondo.


Wesley University Ondo, granted license to operate in 2007, was established by Methodist Church, Nigeria. The University derived its name from John Wesley, the founder of The Methodist Church world-wide. John (1703-91), his brother, Charles Wesley (1707-88), George Whitefield (1714-70) and others, as young men in the University of Oxford, formed a Movement called the Holy Club and through the activities of this Movement, there was a religious revival that caused social and national life to improve as people’s consciences became more active in doing what was right according to the Bible. The exemplary life of John Wesley as a University Student and the impact he made in his society through doggedness and commitment to doing what is right towards the development of the society, supported the resolve of the Church to name the University after John Wesley. Wesley University Ondo’s strategic thrust is to encourage comprehensive education, which disciplines the mind, develops the reasoning power and enables the young graduate to find or create employment and be of good service to the community. Methodist Church Nigeria is one of the missionary pioneers of western-style education in Nigeria. The Methodist Church used western education as a tool for the propagation of Christianity. In the education sector, the Methodist Church founded several institutions like Primary and Secondary Schools, Teacher Training Colleges like Wesley College, Ibadan, founded in 1905 and also Theological Institutions within Nigeria. Also through its Education Department, the Methodist Church has participated in the manpower training of teachers up to tertiary level through the award of scholarships to teachers up to degree level. In the Health sector, it is on record that the Church founded, among others, Wesley Guild Hospital in IIesha, and Centre for Mentally Ill Destitute, Amaudo Itumbauzo, Abia State which was founded by the Missionary, Lady Rosalind Colwill. WESLEYUNI, initially established as Wesley University of Science and Technology, Ondo, was conceived with the zeal of promoting education in Nigeria. Taking a leaf from John Wesley’s book, especially his fierce opposition to slavery, the Methodist Church has always fought for the elimination of social evils, including illiteracy that diminishes human dignity. Viewing education as an instrument of enhancing the quality of life, Wesley University, Ondo was established as a means of “Investing in Nigeria’s Future through Capacity Building.”

Vision Statement

Wesley University, Ondo will serve as a centre of excellence for attainment of the primary goals of the National Policy on Education “self-sufficiency in innovation and technology creation”. The University aims to provide knowledge through knowledge creation, moral regeneration and development enhancement will be assured.
The Vision of Wesley University, Ondo is to be a centre of excellence in knowledge creation, moral regeneration and development.

Mission Statement

The University is dedicated to the training of its students to become professionally competent and confident graduates with exquisite dexterity. It provides enabling environment for effective teaching and research in cutting–edge disciplines of all human endeavours for sustainable development. Consequently, the curricular involve intensive teaching and extensive practical training in innovation technology. The research objectives are also made to be relevant to the needs of industries that will ensure prompt delivery of well-tested and technically optimized protocols to sensitized and confident graduates; the training of self-reliant and competent graduates capable of working on their own instead of the current dependence on government employment constitute the focal points of the University.
The Mission of Wesley University, Ondo is to provide the enabling environment for effective teaching and research for sustainable development

Academic Brief